SAF Combat Rations Review

When the ration trucks don’t come, the only thing keeping us NSMen alive (and constipated) is the Singapore Armed Forces combat rations pack. Now available in 13 different menus (Vegetarian menus reviews not included because I have no access to them) and ALL halal compliant.

I completed my ATEC year 1 (Army Training Evaluation Center) last year (2013) and survived on a mix of fresh rations and the SAF field ration pack; I was fortunate to have fresh rations for all meals during the previous 5 years of military reservist training. I came from the days where there were just 3 variants of each of the (or was it 5?) non-muslim, muslim and vegetarian menu packs and was “blessed” to have had the opportunity to field test the first pasta menu SAF ration packs back in 2002.

This post was inspired by the combat ration review post of Gordon Ho (with contributions from MAJ Mok Chew Kai), my fellow reservists from 822 Singapore Infantry Regiment. Their original reviews are in a private forum but Ho and Mok has kindly granted permission to me to publish their findings here. I will be quoting their reviews and photos (when available) as they were originally posted.

I am honored to be speaking at 55@Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurship & Industry Talk series, along with Juliana Chong of Honeyz Cube. I look forward to seeing you!

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