SAF Uniform No 4 modifications

I was just re-kitted with the new SAF No 4 pixelated camouflage a year back. Not one to waste, I began stripping my soon-to-be-dumped-to-Army-Logistics old No 4 uniform of the name and country tapes (the olive green colour rectangle strips sewed above both chest pockets). After stripping down my 7 sets of old SAF No 4 uniforms of their name and country tapes:

One went on my jockey cap.

Nicholas Chan's SAF Jockey Cap

One went onto the new pixelated helmet cover.

Nicholas Chan's SAF Camo Helmet

One on my camelbak modification to my Skeleton Battle Order.

Nicholas Chan's Skeleton Battle Order

Three sewn just above the top right rear pocket of my newly issued No 4 pants (very useful after dragging your half-dead body back into camp after spending a few days sleeping on the ground, being rained over and caked with SAF issued body powder and you decide to wash your mud-and-sand encrusted uniform with your buddies during in-camp training AND being sure in the knowledge whose pants is whose after the entire washing fiasco is over).

Nicholas Chan's No 4 Pixelated Camouflage Pants

One on a D&G BMT messenger bag that I got from the eMart at Mount Faber (nicely fits a laptop and have a dedicated inner pocket for the new SAF LED torch).

Nicholas Chan's SAF BMT Messenger Bag

I can’t say much about the quality of the D&G BMT messenger bag however; it tore apart at the right seam after barely 2 months of daily usage; I have been waiting out to order the CountyComms Bail Out Bag (Generation 5) for quite a while now but they seem to be out of stock for the longest of times.

The damage on Nicholas Chan's SAF BMT Messenger Bag

Now, in all honesty I am not certain if the modification on the jockey cap (it should be, I seen quite a few personnel with such a modification with the name stitched at the right/left side of the jockey cap however)  and No 4 pants are officially sanctioned by the SAF but speaking in the capacity of a NS Man, I honestly doubt the NS RSM is so free to bother to nitpick. Your Mileage May Vary(tm).

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2 thoughts on “SAF Uniform No 4 modifications

  1. K, I’m being a little anal I admit, but that’s the webbing, not the SBO.

    The Skeleton Battle Order is a Battle Order which is a set of items, like a happy meal. In this case, SBO is the helmet, webbing + rifle.

    • Hello Aaron,

      Thanks for correcting me on the terminology! I guess us reservists use the colloquial term SBO on the webbing to the point that it became the de-facto term.

      I am going to be trialing the Load Bearing Vest for 2 days for an upcoming parade so I hope to do something of a comparison of “old versus new” when I get some time. Thanks for visiting!